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Nov 1, 2013 7:00pm PDT
lighting ventilation and an electric rail system has not yet in use. and a suspect in custody at los angeles airport said this after the shots were fired with a semi automatic weapon i'm at least three people heard no word of any fatalities at this point of the wind images you're seeing from l a xl. well those stories are much more to the property are right here on mossman kept. welcome back or welcome if you're just joining us this is the world this week. and joining us once again is a cricket peaks of courts may want to spare welcome back to jurong scene of world politics with you lila jacinto husband kept dot com and to german reporter who agreed to call them and welcome back to all of you. on tuesday. turkey celebrated with a bang the ninetieth anniversary of its republican leaders for the first time ever. joining europe and asia. he stumbles new rail line under the boss for its victim of its successes seem authorities reporting overcrowding. that said forced the closure of one station in two ways to toe and familiar passages mistakenly hit an emergency button nose of a snafu was
Nov 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
were stolen by the nazis. and there. pretty much organized in los angeles ca the situation so far we have a drink and don't really think you'd use to say this could be a movie in essence it is going to be a movie there's the political monument men. it's coming out in february when directed by george clooney starring clooney and so on about the allied soldiers who were charged with collecting all these artworks in all these treasures from the nazis at the end of the war. and wherever they were stored in salt mines and in austria. in other places. so there are lots of database is there lots of people who know a lot about these things. what was fascinating that this collection is so many of the works were just no mean he would have issued all that mattered in the catalog of you. at the time. let me thank my guests. the pmo the monkey's fist of taking and george suri us thank you very much again and you can also i think of website and watch replays this card round but this time change because coming up to the top of the artist's home to just waltz in with more international meets. custom
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2